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Counterpoint – April 7, 2020

The King’s Beast

“Set in 1769, Edgar-winner Pattison’s sixth mystery featuring Scottish exile Duncan McCallum (after 2018’s Savage Liberty) surpasses the high bar set by the previous five adventures…Pattison keeps the suspense high throughout. This triumphant combination of whodunit and deeply researched history should help this gifted author get the wider audience he richly deserves.”–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

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Check out this recent video conversation with Eliot Pattison on Tibet Talks, hosted by the International Campaign for Tibet.

Eliot Pattison

“The best of historical novels allow us to commit our entire spirit to understanding another world that was once our own.”

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Our Human Journey Mandarin Gate, Chapter Twelve

(Inspector Shan encounters a secret meeting of professors who have been transported to his remote town in Tibet because they had persisted in teaching about Chinese imperial history and Western literature. The leader of the group explains its purpose:) __________             “We call ourselves the Vermilion Society after the color of the ink reserved for … Continue reading “Our Human Journey Mandarin Gate, Chapter Twelve”

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