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Publishers Weekly interviews Eliot Pattison on the Bone Rattler Series.

Why I Write About The Iroquois

Touching the Lost Warriors

I was eight years old when I first ventured out on the solitary arrowhead expeditions that brought my first encounters with native American culture. The Maryland fields of my youth offered just enough rewards—a wampum bead here, a pottery shard there—to keep me scratching the earth. I remember how I would shiver with excitement when I found an intact arrowhead, realizing that I was holding something ancient in my palm, something that had last been touched by a human who lived hundreds of years earlier. I was reaching across centuries, thrilled by the knowledge that in that very spot Indians had passed, perhaps even camped there, laughing and singing around a fire. There were instants when I fancied I heard their voices in the wind. It would be years before I could put words around that strange reverie, but I now know that those early moments when I was transported to another age kindled my interest in history. There were ghosts beside me, whispering that I should not forget them.

Why I Write About Pre-Revolutionary America

“Actuated by principles of true English Lyberty, they met all hardships with pleasure, compared with those they suffered in their own country from the hands of those who should have been their friends.” – Colonel Isaac Barre, addressing Parliament in defense of American colonists, 1765.

The revolution that created our country wasn’t handed down by pundits, nor did it erupt out of some Lexington meadow in 1775; it germinated from seeds planted in the French and Indian War a generation before, and the harvest from those seeds was far from inevitable.

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Eliot Pattison

“The best of historical novels allow us to commit our entire spirit to understanding another world that was once our own.”

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The Diverse Cast of Freedom

The miracle of the founding of the United States wasn’t that of heroic military victories, it was the unprecedented victory—unique in prior human history—of shared values over ethnicity, culture, religion and race. In many ways that is the essential message of my Bone Rattler series, as vividly reflected in my latest installment Savage Liberty. It … Continue reading “The Diverse Cast of Freedom”

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